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  • Creek Creative
  • Faversham, Kent
  • Tel: 07506 949371
  • Opening hours: By appointment only

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What if there is a fault with my instrument?

If a fault develops with your instrument you can return it to us and we will repair or replace it. There will be no charge for this service and we will also reimburse your postage. Please be aware that accidental damage and wear and tear is not covered under this policy. Please contact us using the contact form prior to sending back an instrument.

Do you sell other types of instruments like keyboards?

No, we are a specialist violin shop and only sell instruments from the Violin family.

What size instrument do I need?

Instruments come in many different sizes. Please refer to our instrument measurement page.

How much should I spend on an instrument?

A higher value instrument is made from better quality materials and has better quality fittings and strings. The main benefit from purchasing a higher value instrument is the superior tone quality that they can produce. In our online shop, we describe the suitability of each instrument with reference to player ability and grade.

Should I buy a new or an antique instrument?

There are pros and cons with both antique and new instruments. As instruments age their tone often improves. Sometimes older instruments that are well ‘played in’ have a sweeter tone and are responsive, making them satisfying to play. An antiqued appearance is also often considered desirable. The less desirable aspect of owning an antique instrument is the upkeep often necessary to maintain old repairs. New instruments are usually structurally sound and generally do not require as much maintenance keeping costs down. You can often get more for your money when buying a new instrument.

What else might I need to buy?

Please see our online shop for other accessories such as metronomes/spare strings/rosin/music stands and much more!

What is an ‘outfit’?

An ‘outfit’ consists of an instrument, case and bow. Student instruments are normally supplied in this format.

Why do you set-up your instruments?

We fully set up all of our instruments prior to sale so that you can be assured you will be getting the best sound out of your instrument and it will be comfortable to play.

Why do you offer string upgrades?

A good set of strings make such a difference to sound quality which is why we offer upgrades to our customers. In some instances where we feel the outfit is supplied with good enough quality strings we do not offer this option (the Vivente violin outfit being an example).

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept Paypal and all major credit cards.

Should I insure my instrument?

We would recommend insuring your instrument especially if your child is taking it to school or on public transport.

Do you ship outside the UK?

We do not currently ship outside the UK.