Primavera 200 cello outfit by Eastman Strings

This is a well known and trusted entry level instrument from Eastman Strings, the Primavera 200 Cello Outfit is the outstanding instrument in its class. Not only beautifully crafted but also offering a powerful tone & projection. Available right down to 1/8 and including 7/8 size. It comes with a durable “student proof” composite bow and heavily padded gig bag with reflective safety styling. It has good quality ebony fittings and an alloy tailpiece with integral adjusters for ease of tuning. It benefits from our professional set up (we adjust the pegs, fingerboard and nut, bridge and soundpost and lubricate the tailpiece adjusters and bow screw). We upgrade the strings to Dogal or D’addario Prelude strings for a vastly improved tone. Suitable for beginners and up.


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  • Hand carved maple & spruce. Inlaid purfling
  • Fitted maple Despiau bridge
  • Ebony fittings
  • Metal alloy tailpiece with integral adjusters
  • Composite carbon bow
  • 11mm padded cover with pockets, back pack fittings & reflective safety styling

Additional information

Cello Size

4/4 Dogal Strings, 3/4 Dogal Strings, 1/2 Dogal Strings, 1/4 Dogal Strings, 1/8 Dogal Strings, 7/8 Dogal Strings, 4/4 D’addario Prelude Strings, 3/4 D’addario Prelude Strings, 1/2 D’addario Prelude Strings, 1/4 D’addario Prelude Strings, 1/8 D’addario Prelude Strings, 7/8 D’addario Prelude Strings, 4/4 Basic Strings, 3/4 Basic Strings, 1/2 Basic Strings, 1/4 Basic Strings, 1/8 Basic Strings, 7/8 Basic Strings