Young Master Violin By Eastman Strings 4/4

This is a beautifully crafted instrument from good quality European tone woods. It is hand made and therefore light in weight unlike some cheaper student instruments. This violin has a slender neck and sympathetic antiquing. Carefully tuned plates and bass bars contribute to the superb tone of these violins. It benefits from our professional set up (we adjust the pegs, fingerboard and nut, bridge and soundpost and lubricate the tail piece adjusters and bow screw). We put a Concertante VC081 oblong case and Orchestra VB022 pernambuco bow with this violin to make it into an exceptional quality and value outfit. Suitable for advanced players.

Save £100 if buying as an outfit* (RRP:£979.99)*


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  • Advanced player
  • Fitted Despiau bridge
  • Ebony fittings
  • Ebony Hill model tailpiece with adjuster
  • Outstanding tonewoods, hand crafted.
  • Carefully tuned bass bar and plates
  • Concertante case (VC081 RRP £115) sturdy high quality oblong case with cordura cover, four bow holders and rucksack straps.
  • Bow (VB022 RRP £209.99) high quality Pernambuco round stick.
  • Larsen Tzigane strings (RRP: £55.37), good quality strings for the advanced player, composite fibre bundle core, pleasant and responsive tone.

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Violin with Larsen Tzigane strings, Violin with Case, Bow and Larsen Tzigane strings